AirTime user rewards and payouts

What factors affect user (viewer) earnings?

The chart in the user’s dashboard displays three values: 

  • “AirTime”, 
  • “Counted AirTime” 
  • “Rewards”

The system receives your “AirTime” which is the time your user sends to the system. After a validation process, the approved amount is called “counted AirTime” which determines your “Rewards”. All users will be equally rewarded for the first 2 hours of activity dropping significantly after that. To increase this limitation you can upgrade your account level by locking up TUBE coins.

Account levels

AirTime payouts

All payouts happen 3 days after the counted AirTime is verified.

This is a 3-day continuous rolling window with a minimum of 1 TUBE transaction. If your counted AirTime is less than 1 TUBE the payout will happen 3 days after your counted AirTime reaches 1 TUBE.

Example: What you will earn today on Monday will be paid to you after 3 days which is on Thursday. What you will earn tomorrow on Tuesday, will be paid 3 days later on Friday, etc.

AirTime graph

The chart updates every 24 hours. It is for statistic purposes only, it does not show how the system executes payouts. Because it is a fluid process many factors affect when and how much a payout transaction will be sent to you, like, active period and inactive period inside the 3-day payout window, accumulated minimum threshold (1 TUBE) and additional rewards  between the periods when the system checks what is paid to who and what it should pay the rest. Amount and time of transactions do not correlate exactly with the statistics in the chart. Currently, the chart does not reflect earnings from visitors on your linked accounts, it will be implemented soon.