What happens to unclaimed donations?

When you make a donation to a social account, the system will make a comment or a post to that profile letting him/her know about your support. Claiming ownership of these donations is done via the "Link Account" feature of the extension. The collected amount will be kept in a profile-specific wallet address generated for the recipient. The time period to claim the amount will be 12 months.

Q: Cool, but what happens if the donations are not claimed?

Note: The following features are under development and currently are not available! (as for Jan 2020)

In case the donation recipient does not link his/her account within a 12 month period, the sender will receive a notification.

Notification message: "Account [username] did not claim your donation made on [date and time], please choose one of the following options."

Do nothing.
The donated amount will stay locked in the recipient's wallet.
Donate to charity.
The donated amount will be transferred to a charity pool of our choice.
The donated amount will be refunded to your wallet.