How to claim received donations

BitTube enables donations across the Internet to any social profile or a domain owner.

When a BitTube user donates to your social profile you will get notified via comment or mention. It looks like this:

"You have received [amount] TUBEs ( [$worth] [date and time] ). In order to receive your donation check out”

To claim the ownership of the donated TUBEs and get access to the wallet address to which the donation was transferred you have to create a BitTube account and link your social accounts. If you would like to convert the accumulated donations in your local currency go to the "Account" tab > "Convert my TUBEs"

Users can see transactions from referrals and donations in the Account menu under the "History" tab.

Every linked social account gets its own wallet address. It can be accessed in TUBE wallets page.

Note: account linking is done automatically!