Welcome bonus and referral rewards

Registration reward

You will receive a 5 TUBE welcome bonus with your first Airtime reward.
A 5 TUBE bonus will be added to your first AirTime payout which happens 3 days after you have earned at least 1 TUBE from your browsing activity.

Referral reward

Receive 5 TUBE credited with the first payout of the referred user.
Get 5 TUBE for each new user registered via your referral link. The reward will be credited to your wallet along with his registration reward.
Where can I find my referral link?
Open the extension, go to "Account" tab, select "Share my referral link" 


I don't see my registration or referral reward. What should I do?

I have signed up for the AirTime extension. The history tab shows 5 TUBEs for registering, but my balance shows 0?


1. Open the extension.

2. Go to "TUBE wallets".

3. Go to "Settings" (gear icon).

4. Select "Import transactions". From the dropdown select the option "30 days ago".

5. Click "import transactions" button.

6. Wait until the wallet is fully synced.

7. If you still don't see the balance, please contact Help Desk.