How to link your website using cPanel

If your web hosting offers cPanel dashboard, follow this guide to link your website.

Note: When successfully linked, your website will generate AirTime rewards from the visitors who have the BitTube extension enabled!  To monetize your website from all of your traffic without this requirement install the AirTime module on your website.

Step 1: Open the extension and select " Links" icon.

Step 2: Input the full URL of your domain including "https://" then click "Link account/domain" button.

Step 3: Download the verification file. Keep this page open!

Important Note: Make sure not to rename the file! Name should be exactly "bittube-verify.txt"

Step 5: Open cPanel dashboard and navigate to "File Manager"

Step 6: Open "Public_html" folder and click upload

Step 7: Upload the "bittube-verify.txt" file and make sure you are doing it in the "Public_html" folder

Step 8: Click "Verify" button at the page you downloaded the verification file.

If all went well you should get this: