How to implement AirTime module on your platform/website.

The AirTime module tracks visitors' session length on your website or platform. After a process of verification the generated AirTime is rewarded to your account.

How to obtain your implementation code.

Step 1: Open the extension, navigate to "Links" tab and click "Register platform."

Step 2: Type a name in the "Platform/website" field.

Note: The name should be unique to your BitTube profile and it will be displayed in the visitor's "Donate to" section in their extension's dashboard. You can change it later by modifying the "content" value in the "meta name" tag.

Step 3: Click "Register Platform" button.

A new tab will open with your code. Copy and paste the code in the HTML header of your website on each page.

After you register your website, the system will generate a separate wallet address (under "My Wallets") where you can manage your earnings. The chart statistics on your AirTime dashboard does not show earnings from linked websites.

Note: Besides extension users, the module recognizes AirTime from guests (i.e. visitors without the extension). The system weighs the AirTime by guests much more strictly, such that 'extension AirTime' is more effective than 'guest Airtime'. Publishers are therefore encouraged to invite guests to install the extension.