How to edit the AirTime module code?

The module code will place a BitTube icon at the bottom right-hand corner of your website. Upon clicking, your visitors will get a popup with information about AirTime monetization.

Your registered website.

When you name your website or platform, at the time of registration the system will create meta tag "content=yourwebsitename".

This name will be displayed to BitTube users in their "Donate to" section in their extension's dashboard.

User's dashboard:

You can change your linked website name by modifying the "content" value in the "airtime-platform-display" meta tag.

Change the position of the "Powered by BitTube" icon.

To adjust the placement of the icon include the following attribute in the "script" tag:


valid values are:

top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right

Example: Moving the icon to the bottom left-hand corner.

<meta name="airtime-platform-display" content="websitename">
<meta name="airtime-platform-id" content="a0d6a01c-dc36-edc7-9873-8b48c16602ae">
<script src="" data-verify="meta" data-autostart="true" data-banner-position="bottom-left"></script>