Why do I get a "Suspicious activity detected" message?

The AirTime monetization model has protections against manipulation attempts. It makes sure both viewer and publisher receive fair earnings based on real (human) activity on the web.

Possible reasons for the  "suspicious activity" message:

  • You have installed the extension on two PCs at the same time and being active simultaneously.
  • You are browsing the internet for more than 20 hours per day.
  • Your account has been used via multiple IP addresses.
  • You have launched a bot that is imitating human activity online.

After correcting the above scenarios the message will go away and your account will be reinstated in 3 days.

Other reasons for not getting AirTime rewards:

  • Your browser does not grant permissions to the extension. (Go to chrome://extensions > extension details then "Permissions" it should be "On all sites")
  • You are using a firewall that prevents the extension to communicate with the Internet.
  • You have accidentally disabled the extension. (Hover on the profile picture to see if the ON/OFF sign is blue)

  • You have enabled the VPN service.

Another reason could be multiple users under one network. The system allows up to 5 users under one IP.

If you use the extension on a shared computer we kindly invite the other users to create their own account to avoid such a situation OR disable the extension when you leave the computer from the ON/OFF button.