What is the difference between linking my domain and using the AirTime module?

What is the difference between "link domain" option and using the "Register platform"?

Website monetisation.

When a BitTube user visits a website unknown to the system it automatically creates a dedicated wallet address for that domain. All visits from BitTube users will generate AirTime for it. The website owner can get access to the assigned wallet by creating a BitTube account and linking the domain to his/her profile.

Link domain option helps website owners claim rewards and donations from BitTube users generated before they have a BitTube account.

AirTime module.

The system will generate a unique code tied to counting all session times from visitors. The sum of AirTime from guests and BitTube users then count for the overall generated AirTime.

Register platform option gives you the tool to generate AirTime from "guests" and BitTube users where ever the provided code is implemented.

The AirTime module is able to track guest session times and relays this to our servers. To do this fairly in relation to AirTime generated by extension users, the system weighs the AirTime by guests more strictly, such that ‘extension AirTime’ will always be more effective than ‘guest Airtime’.

How guest user sessions are being rewarded?

Different publisher levels are available to best monetise the website traffic. To know more visit https://kb.bittubeapp.com/article/125-airtime-module-staking