How to upgrade your user level (setup staking)

Upgrading the user level is done by staking (locking up) TUBE.

If you are browsing the Internet for more than 2 hours a day upgrading your user level will bring you more rewards for the extra time you spent online. Learn more about the different levels here. To upgrade your account level follow the guide below.

Account levels

Step 1: Open the extension and click "TUBE Wallets".

Step 2: Open "Staking" tab

Step 3: Creating a Staking wallet. Click "Simple generation"

We recommend using the "Simple generation" option. The next steps follow the process.

Step 4: Save the .keys file and password. 

Optional: Untick the box "Backup client side wallet information" if you think you are confident you will not lose the file or the password. Doing so we will NOT create an encrypted backup of the key.

Not selecting the backup option and losing the client side key will result in locking the staked amount forever! 


Download the key file and save the password! You will need both for the withdraw process!

Optionally you can copy the "Multisig Seed" and store it in a safe place (password protected or encrypted file)

After you confirm that you have saved the key file the system will create your staking wallet.

If you have lost the key file or seeds and haven't transferred any funds to the wallet contact our support to reset the wallet. All wallet data and amount will be lost!

Step 5: Copy the Staking address.

Step 6: Send the required amount to the Staking address.

Send the required amount according to the level options in the table above.

The amount will be locked for the first 30 days. Every next 30 day period will have a 14 day withdraw window as shown on the graphic below:

Step 7: Wait for the Staking wallet to synchronise!

After you have sent the funds to the staking address keep the wallet page open until the blue notification box disappears. Make sure the account level is shown next to the amount.

That's it. Enjoy your increased daily rewards.