User levels and "counted AirTime"

Stake to upgrade your user level to increase the "counted AirTime" ceiling.

AirTime requires either mobile verification or staking 2500 TUBEs to be considered verified and eligible for the “AirTime Basic” level. You can upgrade to “Pro” or “Addict” levels which increases your total billable activity. The necessary staking amount depends on whether your account has gone through mobile verification. 

Being mobile verified means staking an extra 2500 or 25k TUBEs to unlock the Pro or Addict level, respectively. Foregoing mobile verification (out of privacy concerns, for example) requires 25k or 250k TUBEs to unlock these higher AirTime levels.

Billing factor (counted AirTime)

The “billing factor” in the above chart depicts how much a user’s AirTime is weighted according to their cumulative activity throughout the day. It is an essential spam prevention measure, making it economically unfeasible for non-human accounts (bots, click farms) to compete against normal human browsing behaviour on a 24-hour basis. For example, the chart shows that the default “Basic" level counts only the first 2 hours (of your activity, not of your day) with a 1:1 weight. After this, increasingly less of your AirTime is counted towards rewards with each following hour, the maximum theoretical “counted AirTime” being only 5 hours based on 24 hours of continuous activity. 

The “Pro” and “Addict” AirTime levels significantly increase the amount of maximum counted AirTime per day to roughly 9 and 14 hours. To the power users among you who sit behind a desk all day, upgrading your account will have a noticeable effect on rewards.

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