Publisher levels and "counted guest AirTime"

Staking for publishers


The following levels are related to the AirTime module used on websites.

The AirTime module allows website owners to earn from their guest visitors (i.e. users without the AirTime extension). Billing factors are applied to these users, since we are limited in verifying the legitimacy of each guest. Just like users, publishers have the ability to increase the counted AirTime from their guests by staking. The AirTime levels for publishers start at ”Free Trial” with an initial 10% billing factor which anyone is free to implement. It goes all the way up to the “Business” level, requiring 1 million TUBEs to unlock the maximum AirTime potential for each guest. The billing factor applies per guest who is identified by the system as unique across all AirTime-enabled websites. The “Verified” staking levels of 125k and above (bottom 4 graphs) will require KYC (know your customer). This is meant for additional spam protection, as well as building an exclusive portfolio of trusted publishers. The biggest takeaway for publishers is that they are highly incentivised to convert their visitors into BitTube extension users, as they produce considerably more AirTime revenue compared to guests.