How to downgrade your user level (withdraw stake)

The BitTube ecosystem features different levels for users and publishers allowing them to increase their earning potential. If you have sent funds to your Staking wallet follow these steps to withdraw.

Withdrawal period

Your stake is locked up (unavailable from withdrawal) following 30 days after the date of the transaction. Withdrawal is open for 14 days every 30-day period for each transaction individually.

Step 1: Download the required program.

Download the Staking wallet according to your OS from here.

Extract the downloaded zip file and open "bittube-staking-gui"

Step 2: Start the program and login.

Use your BitTube account credentials to login.

Step 3: Select the Staking wallet.

For user level select "Online wallet".

For publisher level select the corresponding AirTime module.

Step 4. Restore the staking wallet.

During the process of the staking wallet creation, you should have downloaded the key file.

Alternatively, if you have saved the multisig seed as a text select "Restore from the seed." Choosing this option will create a new key file which can be used for opening the wallet. Optionally you can assign a new password.

Important! If you didn't save the staking wallet password, the keys file or the multisig seed, please send a request to e.g. subject "Multisig seed request" from the email associated with your account. We will provide you with the seed if the backup checkbox was ticked during staking wallet creation.

Step 5. Recover the staking wallet address.

If you have selected "Open an existing wallet" option input the password  provided at the time of creating the staking wallet, check the screenshot as a reminder:

Input the password and click "Open Online Wallet" button, then locate the keys file you have downloaded. You can search your PC for "staking-onlinewallet.keys" file.

Step 6. Withdraw.

All transactions to your staking wallet will appear under "Transactions." 

The square box next to the amount indicates that the amount is available to withdraw.

Checkmark the funds you wish to withdraw.

The padlock sign indicates that the amount is not in the open withdraw period.


If you have sent the balance via the BitTube browser extension before the 29th of July 2020 you MUST change the receiver address (the one next to the withdraw button). The address that you NEED TO USE should start with bx.... You can get one via the GUI v3.0.0.1. available at

Because of the Hardfork from 29th of July 2020, the Staking daemon will connect to an updated address starting with Tube... All balances staked before that date need a conversion first.

More details on how to convert Legacy $TUBE here!

By default, the receive wallet address will be the one you have sent the amount from. You can replace it with a wallet of your choice.


If you have sent the amount from an exchange to your staking wallet you MUST change the "Send funds to" address.

Note: If you have enabled a 2FA it is recommended that your mobile device has "Automatic date and time" option turned on.

Step 7: Confirm withdraw

Click the "OK" button to start the process.

You can close the staking wallet gui before the process ends. It can take from few minutes to half an hour for the funds to appear in your account.