How to install the Chrome extension manually

Step 1: Go to Chrome settings > Extensions' menu.

To do so, type in the address bar "chrome://extensions/" or navigate to Chrome menu > More tools > Extensions

Step 2: Enable developer mode.

Click the slider button next to "Developer mode" on the top-right-hand corner.

Step 3: Download the extension package.

Download the file from here:

Step 4: Add the extension to Chrome by drag and drop.

Open the folder where you downloaded the extension package from step 3. Then drag and drop it in Chrome window.

Alternative install:

Unzip the downloaded file from step 3. It will create a folder with name "bittube-airtime-extension-local"

Open the browser and click "Load unpacked"

On the prompt window select the unzipped folder. Then click "Select folder". 

That's it. You can now login or signup to BitTube.