How to upload media to

Every upload on BitTube becomes a post. You can see all incoming posts in Explore: New.

1. Navigate to "Home" OR your profile page and click the "upload icon"

2. Select the file from your device.

Accepted formats:

Uploads are not transcoded into another format or bitrate. Playback quality remains equal to the original source. Accepted formats have been selected based on common browser compatibility.

  • jpg
  • jpeg
  • jfif
  • pjpeg
  • png (transparent backgrounds will be filled black)
  • webp
  • gif


  • mp3

  • m4v
  • mp4 (up to h.264)
  • webm


Video length is limited according to your membership status.

3. Add info about your post.

Title (*required)
The heading of your post.

Include more details and links related to your post.

4. Available options.

Multiple images.
For uploading multiple images on a single post select "Create a gallery" (the button will appear after the first image have been selected)

Add location.
Add your current location.

Mature or disturbing content.
Toggle NSFW (not safe for work) if your post contains nudity and/or NSFL (not safe for life) if it contains gore/blood or violence.
Pornographic material is not permitted. Please read the Community Guidelines for more information.

5. Click the "Post" button

After you have added all the details click the "post" button to submit your upload.