How to create a playlist

In the following steps, we explain to you how to create, add content to, edit and delete a playlist. 

1. Create a new playlist

  • To create a new playlist go to your profile, playlist, fill the fields (the title is a required field) and click "Create playlist".

  • If you are watching a video and would like to add it to a playlist that doesn't exist yet, go to the + playlist symbol and create a new playlist directly in the video section. 

2. Add content to a playlist 

  • Open a video, go to the + playlist symbol and select a playlist and click "Add".

3. Edit a playlist

  • Go to your profile -> playlist -> open a playlist ->click on the pencil -> change it -> click "Update playlist". You can change the playback order by clicking and holding the mouse on the video. Move the video to a position where you want.

4. Delete a playlist

  • To delete a playlist go to your profile -> playlist -> choose a playlist you want to delete -> click on the trash symbol.