What permissions does the AirTime extension require and why?

On BitTube and Firefox browsers:

To find the list of granted permissions navigate to Options > Extensions & Themes > then click details on the BitTube-AirTime extension > permissions.


Access your data for all websites

The extension can read the content of any web page you visit. This permission allows the ad blocker function to read the content on each web page you open and remove the ad code. 
The BitTube extension does not read the data you enter on those web pages. Because there is no separate permission category for that specific case some browsers may warn you that the extension can read usernames and passwords which is technically not correct.

Display notifications to you

The extension could issue notifications through the standard notifications system offered by your computer’s operating systems.
The BitTube extension will notify you when you receive a donation to linked social accounts and websites. 
You will receive a notification for any new message in the "Notify" tab.*
*Only if you have allowed push notifications from bittubeapp.com

Read and modify privacy settings

The extension could change privacy-related settings controlling:
  • Network behaviour
  • Whether passwords are stored in the browser’s password manager
  • The way the browser interacts with websites
Those permissions are related to "do not track" request made by the extension.

Control browser proxy settings

The extension could direct some or all of your web browsing traffic to another computer (a proxy) on the internet.
Extensions requesting this permission might:
  • Block access to certain websites or domains
  • Provide access to certain websites and domains through proxy servers, for example, to enable browsing where it might otherwise be limited by geography
Used for the VPN (virtual private network) service. The extension will direct all of your web browsing traffic to another computer (a proxy) on the Internet. You are able to choose the country and the town where this computer (proxy) is located in the available list.

Access browser tabs

The extension could obtain the URL, title, and icon from any tab.
Related to the AirTime monetisation and rewarding /donating to the visited domains.

Store unlimited amount of client-side data

The extension could store an unlimited amount of data using your browser’s data storage features.
Extensions requesting this permission might:
  • Store files, such as images, locally in your browser
  • Offer an extensive local database of information
Used for basic extension functions and options require storing files such as profile picture, uploaded images for KYC verification etc.

Access browser activity during navigation

The extension could listen for the steps the browser takes to navigate from a link to another page. 
Extensions requesting this permission might:
  • Detect when streamed videos are about to play
  • Look for and prevent ad pop-ups from opening
This is a primary requirement for the AirTime monetisation to work. Your browsing activity such as scrolling, mouse movements, clicks etc. are logged in order to count your AirTime. The data is deleted after the system transfers the calculated rewards (3 days). Additionally, the extension may look for and prevent ad pop-ups from opening.

On Chrome browser:

On the Chrome browser, there is not much distinguish on specific permissions. Instead, they are ordered in three categories:
  • High alert
  • Medium alert
  • Low alerts
For that reason, the browser might give you inaccurate warnings about the BitTube extension! The main reason for that is the general categories the Chrome store provides on the listing process.
The following permissions are required for the normal functioning of the extension:
  • Read and change all your data on the websites you visit
  • Display notifications
  • Communicate with cooperating websites
  • Change your privacy-related settings