What are topics and how do I use them?

Topics are hashtags that you can follow and organize, allowing you to browse particular subjects as well as easily explore new content. Topics can be compared to Twitter hashtags as if they were subreddits, turning them into potent channels for content discovery and promotion. The number of allowed Topics per post is therefore capped by membership level: verified members are allowed just 2, Plus members 3, Content Creators 5, Power Users 10.

To follow a Topic search the desired word starting with a hash symbol. 

Wait for the autosuggestion to popup and select what best suits your search. If you can't find the desired topic create a post using the same hashtag. Then you will be able to follow it and see related posts each time a user uses that hashtag.

Tip. You can set up the platform to not show a certain topic. To do so click "mute".

After you follow a Topic it will appear in the sidebar under Topics. 

Sorting topics.

By clicking on the arrow button next to "Topics" in the sidebar you can sort the topics you follow and create folders. Create a new folder, click the dropdown arrow to open it and drag the topic inside. Your created folder(s) will be displayed in the sidebar. Deleting a folder does not unfollow the topics assigned to that folder.

Creating new folders and assigning topics.

Manage topics:

Click the "Topics" section in the sidebar or visit https://bittube.tv/topics

To access the list and manage (unmute, unfollow) all topics you followed or muted open the dropdown menu option from the "Topics" bar.

The page allows you to see posts for each topic you follow according to various criteria.

Click on a specific topic and use the Trending, New, Rising, Top and Mixed tabs to filter the posts. 

What does the number next to the topics I follow mean?

The number in grey colour (left) indicates how many posts contain its hashtag.

The number in blue (right) indicates how many new posts there are that you have NOT seen (opened).


If a change you made does not reflect refresh the page and check again.