Community Guidelines

Welcome to BitTube, a peer-to-peer content sharing platform and provider of associated services. BitTube aims to put creators first. We want to provide users with a service to help them express their ideas freely, build respectful communities and flourish in the open marketplace of ideas.

These Community Guidelines give an overview of the behavior that is expected from the BitTube company, the community, and that you should expect from others. By continuing to use the service, you are accepting these Community Guidelines and Content Policies in their entirety.
The guidelines are subject to change and minor changes may occur without notice. Significant changes will be announced by the official account.
This page was last updated on February 29th, 2020.


You can report posts and users via the options menu in the top right corner. You may also send an email to for reports, clarifications, appeals and resolving issues.
Reports must be genuine. Malicious (mass) reporting or various forms of mass commenting (such as brigading or dogpiling) is not condoned (see also “Spam and malicious use”, rule 2f).
You can view received and created reports in the Moderation menu in the sidebar. The “Reports” tab covers new, undecided (evaluating), dismissed and resolved reports and is used for issuing warnings. Each report has a comments section. It is visible to moderators and the recipient and originator of the report. You can use this functionality to add information and to resolve issues. 
The “History” tab works the same way, except this tab includes only direct actions by moderators such as post removals or NSFW-flagged content.
The moderation system is currently bare bones. As stated on our roadmap, in due course we will be improving the workflow and introduce a community-powered moderation system with AutoMod capabilities.
Appeals and disputes
You can email to appeals decisions made by our moderators. In the moderation section you can also leave comments under “Reports” or “History” to ask for clarification. Besides the moderators, these comments can be read and replied to by the original reporters as well (i.e. you have the right to face your accuser).
  1. Moderators can issue warnings to educate a user about certain guidelines to try to correct future uploads or behavior.
  2. Warnings may not be issued more than once for the same infraction type for content uploaded prior to the initial warning (this would be unfair). For example, you may get one NSFW warning for one or more posts in your catalog. Consecutive warnings may be issued only if you had been clearly warned before and/or a reasonable amount of time has passed.

General Principles 

The Community Guidelines are provided as a set of high level principles which outline the code of conduct for all members of the community. They also detail the specific Content Policies in relation to breaches of said principles.
Freedom of expression
Bias and censorship
Equal treatment
Prejudice and oppression
Meritocracy and equality of opportunity
Favoritism and‘pay to win’
Individual responsibility
Collective guilt
Transparency and accountability
Black box decision making
Compliance with the Law
Piracy and illegal content
Community and public debate
Mob rule and the‘Wisdom of Crowds’
Fair monetization (AirTime)
Manipulated economics
Freedom of expression
BitTube supports freedom of expression and freedom of association. The right to freedom of expression applies to any fact or opinion that can be communicated. It is a broad definition that is not confined to political, cultural or artistic expression, but can include disliked, controversial, offensive, false or even shocking expression.
Free speech on online platforms helps prevent the monopolization of news media by the state and private companies. The free flow of information is vital for social networks (and indeed societies) to grow and thrive. It ensures that individuals can hold those in positions of power, including BitTube, to account. Importantly, freedom of expression is vital to give creators a safe environment to experiment, take risks, push boundaries and flourish.
The Community Guidelines do prohibit certain types of content and conduct. The intent these policies is not censorship or enforcing any bias, but to prevent spam and unlawful and generally unwelcome behavior. Users have a personal responsibility to understand and comply with these policies. See “Content Policies”.
Hate speech

Hate speech laws vary by country. The definition of hate speech is typically ambiguous and can be employed by states to censor and silence their citizens. BitTube does not recognize the concept of hate speech at face value. Nevertheless, posts may be removed (or geo-blocked, if such a feature is available) when ordered by a court of law with jurisdiction. If authors take precaution, unpublished posts remain available for peer-to-peer sharing through WebTorrent outside of the BitTube interface using AirShare or

Equal treatment, meritocracy and equality of opportunity
BitTube shall treat its members as equals, using objective criteria and fair judgment, regardless of race, age, sex, religion, political beliefs or other immutable attributes. Members of the community are likewise expected to treat each other with respect to foster a welcoming environment.
The success of one’s channel is regarded as a personal responsibility. BitTube does not endorse favoritism or special treatment, regardless of membership status. Viewers decide through objective criteria such as views, likes and subscriptions which creators are featured most prominently across BitTube, with the expectation that the more widely accepted and supported content will rise to the top. 
Development is ongoing. Features are being designed to help achieve this objective more effectively, such as promotional tools and better algorithms.
Individual responsibility
The users are personally responsible for their own actions on BitTube, understanding and following the Community Guidelines and setting the correct content sensitivity.
As a matter of principle, BitTube shall judge users only based on their actions and not by their affiliation with any group, community or political party.
BitTube’s moderation policy aims to provide transparency and accountability between moderator, author and reporter. Your reports are available in the Moderation tab and they are visible to you, the admins and the reporter. Either party can submit comments to provide additional information and motivation. To appeal a decision made by a moderator, email Potential corrections will be noted in the comments.
A new development is This is an open source federated ActvityPub instance, based on PeerTube, with full control by the instance owner (BitTube in this case). The long term goal is to merge with this framework. People can deploy their own instances and enforce their own policies, giving freedom for users to go elsewhere for certain types of content. Every instance competes in a free market place to attract users. In this way, instances, including the official BitTube instance, are incentivized to have sensible policies that benefit the user base. You can find the code repository  here.
Compliance with the Law
Users are expected to avoid generally regarded unlawful behavior and to apply common sense when using the service. As a legally accountable company within the EU, uploading piracy and illegal content to BitTube is not permitted. See “Content Policies - Harmful or illegal content” and “Content Policies - Copyrighted content”.
Community and public debate
BitTube is open to community feedback and encourages public debate, to continue to align its interests (e.g. reputation, sustainability and profit motive) with the interests of the community. 
That said, sometimes decisions like development priorities and resource allocation may not be influenced by a majority crowd (argumentum ad populum) due to long term, technical or business considerations.
Fair monetization  (AirTime)
BitTube is building a monetization ecosystem. The primary product is AirTime, an ad-free monetization system that is fair for all participants. 
Learn all about AirTime on and

Content Policies

Harmful or illegal content

Harmful and/or generally illegal content will not be tolerated and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Such content may result in an account ban.
  1. Child abuse. Content containing, threatening, inciting or promoting the abuse, sexualization, and/or exploitation of minors.
  2. Terrorism content that is produced by and/or promoting a designated terrorist organization.
  3. The explicit unlicensed sale of illegal drugs, chemicals or firearms.
    1. Instruction, education and depiction of the use of these items is protected as free speech.
  4. Credible threats of violence and/or incitement to violence, including the promotion of terrorism.
  5. Piracy (illegitimately obtained copyright infringing content) is forbidden and sharing pirated software is considered malicious use (see “Copyrighted content”, rule 5).

Sensitive content

Sexually explicit media with the primary intent to arouse the viewer.
Not Safe For Work. Sexually themed or otherwise inappropriate in public settings.
Not Safe For Life. Violent, graphic or otherwise visually disturbing.

Note: see rule 9 for exceptions to some of the following rules.

  1. Posting porn is prohibited.
  2. Displaying explicit sex acts with the sole intent to arouse, regardless of nudity, is prohibited.
  3. Linking to porn/cam/escort sites is prohibited. This is considered spam/suspicious.
  4. Full nudity (showing genitalia) is prohibited. These private parts should be pixelated/censored, unless exceptions under rule 9 apply.
  5. Partial nudity (topless, soft erotica) is allowed and must be labeled NSFW.
  6. Sexually suggestive content must be labeled NSFW, regardless of nudity.
  7. Sexually suggestive content involving minors (persons under the age of 18), or persons indistinguishable from minors, will be removed immediately, regardless of nudity. Such content is considered illegal/harmful. Posting such content can result in account ban under the assumption of bad intent.
  8. The same rules apply to CGI/animated content.
  9. Exceptions to prohibited content when the NSFW label is sufficient:
    1. Within a legitimate instructional, educational or medical context.
    2. Without an explicit intent to arouse the viewer.
    3. If scenes with (full) nudity are brief and/or not the focal point of the production, e.g. as part of a sketch, music video or television series.
    4. All exceptions are judged on a case by case basis.
  10. Content which contains moderate violence, blood/gore or is otherwise disturbing should be labeled NSFL.
  11. Content containing extreme violence (such as killings, massacres, terrorism), is considered harmful and will be removed.
  12. Failing to label one or more posts as NSFW/NSFL appropriately may result in a warning. After a second warning, your profile will be labeled NSFW. This treats all present and future posts as NSFW, regardless of their individual NSFW label.
  13. Violating rule 1 (porn) or rule 11 (extreme violence) will result in immediate profile NSFW status and a warning.
  14. Violating rule 1 or rule 11 with two prior NSFW warnings may result in account ban, regardless of actual profile NSFW status.
  15. Violating rule 1 as your first post after account registration may result in an immediate account ban under the assumption of spam. 

Copyrighted content

Posts containing copyrighted content will be approached reactively or proactively, depending on the type of content.
  1. Audio uploads or live streams comprised wholly of copyrighted content (such as music) may be removed reactively after an official DMCA takedown request.
  2. Unauthorized and/or uncredited audio uploads of entire albums, collections, podcasts or audio books may be removed proactively under the assumption of piracy and copyright infringement.
  3. Audio or video uploads or live streams comprised wholly of copyrighted content may be removed proactively under the assumption of piracy and copyright infringement, or otherwise after an official DMCA takedown request. Such content includes:
    1. Full movies, documentaries, television series (that are not in the public domain).
    2. Licensed television and sports broadcasts (any sport, including martial arts).
      1. Commentaries, summaries, highlights, etc are allowed. Keep in mind that those could still be subject to official DMCA takedown requests.
    3. Re-uploads of unoriginal content without authorization from, and/or credit given to the original author, also known as “freebooting”.
      1. Take note of Creative Commons licensing, which allows you to distribute, remix, adapt, and build upon another’s work, even commercially, as long as you credit them for the original creation.
      2. We advise embedding external content where possible such that people’s views and engagement are counted on the platform of the author’s choice.
  4. Content partially containing copyrighted material may be judged reactively after an official DMCA takedown request, accounting for both the US Fair Use doctrine and exceptions in the EU Copyright framework to protect against unfair or malicious takedown requests.
  5. Publicly sharing, promoting or linking to pirated software is considered illegal and malicious use (see “Spam and malicious use” rule 2a). 
  6. Violating rule 3a, 3b or 5 will result in a warning.
  7. Violating rule 3a, 3b or 5 with two prior warnings may result in account ban.
  8. Violating rule 3a or 5 as your first post after account registration may result in an immediate account ban under the assumption of spam and malicious use.

Spam and malicious use

Spam is generally defined as large amounts of untargeted, unwanted or repetitive content, comments or private messages, as well as repeated and/or unsolicited actions, automated or manual, that negatively affect users, groups, and/or BitTube itself. Spam also includes content that is designed to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material (such as spoofing).
  1. General spam will be removed and a warning will be issued. Repeated warnings may result in an account ban under the assumption of malicious use.
  2. Malicious use may result in an immediate account ban if determined as such.
    1. Scamming. Do not attempt to scam others out of their earnings, views, votes or property. This includes but is not limited to:
      1. Promoting malicious websites or software (malware)
      2. Linking to pirated software (the distribution of which is considered illegal)
      3. Knowingly promoting MLM/Ponzi schemes
      4. Promoting fake giveaways or paid “crypto/fx trading” group scams.
    2. Bot spam. The malicious use of bots for creating posts and writing comments, as well as the viewing of posts or profiles (see also rule 2c, 2d).
    3. Metric manipulation. Do no manipulate metrics such as views, likes or subscriptions. When this is detected such metrics will be adjusted to compensate and your profile may be quarantined (temporarily or permanently) from recommended and trending feeds.
    4. Misleading metadata. Do not create fake or misleading descriptions, tags, titles, or thumbnails in order to game views or trick users in bad faith.
      1. Note: this addresses the use of fake metadata entirely unrelated to the actual content, not intentional “clickbait”, which is fine.
  3. Name squatting. Do not name squat a username or profile on the platform or related. Name squatting is defined as registering a username or profile with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else. This includes name squatting notable creators from other platforms such as YouTube, which can be considered impersonation subject to an account ban.
  4. Dogpiling or brigading. Coordinated group attacks with the aim to harass, silence or otherwise shut down other users, thereby substantially affecting their user experience on the platform.
  5. Unlawful harassment. Demonstrable harassment that is determined to be unlawful within the domicile of the originator. See also “Harmful or illegal content” guidelines.