List of ecosystem milestones

List is subject to change.

BitTube browser upgrades - medium term:

We intend the BitTube browser to become a pillar of the ecosystem. It will enable true decentralization where every user will participate in the network in multiple ways.

  • Tor integration
  • Local frontend integration (i.e. domain can't be censored)
  • BitTubeHost: p2p storage node capability and interface
  • Native offline GUI wallet node & interface
  • Auto updater (enables auto updates of front end versions)
  • Seamless switching between p2p/cloud on (not Browser related)
  • Long term: simple decentralized exchange (p2p orderbooks and OTC trading, reduce dependency on centralized liquidity on exchanges)
Mobile Messenger App - medium term:
  • Based on Signal (p2p, encrypted).
  • Name TBD
  • AirTime integrated
  • Wallet integrated to send/receive funds
  • Exploring deep integration with the platform:
    • All-in-one app
    • Push notifications
    • Private messages & chats
    • Integrate BitTube browser itself mobile app (ETA May 2020):
  • Native mobile app for for Android and iOS
Extension/Module updates - medium term
  • Browser extension: The extension should become an accessory, not a requirement. Make it lightweight. Reduce bloat, improve performance and security by modularity. Move certain features to the AirTime module, to or to, such as wallet, verification, account management, statistics, etc.
  • Extension feature for linked social accounts: Cross-publish your posts/comments from other platforms automatically or manually. This could be useful to auto-publish your YouTube videos to, for example.
  • AirTime module: improve detection of elements and fair AirTime distribution when mixed content is shown on the page, including external embedded content.
  • Hard fork to cuckaroo algorithm for 15-second block times - short term
  • Save torrent hashes on blockchain for immutability - medium term.
  • Currently experimenting with peertube: see
  • Move to AirTime-based PoS (useful work) - long term:
    • Exploring different models: Proof-of-Stake (PoS), Hybrid PoW-PoS, high interest in Proof-of-Capacity (BURST protocol).