Account wallet

When you sign up for a BitTube account whether on or via the browser extension the system creates a cryptocurrency wallet address tied to your account. This is where you receive rewards and donations as a publisher on the platform.

There are two ways to access your TUBE wallet. 

1. On any website which features the AirTime module.

Search for the BitTube icon. On hover, it will show "AirTime By BitTube." On you can find it on the left side of the header.

This is the AirTime module. It opens the sidebar from where you can access your funds from the "My wallets" button.

2. Via the browser extension.

You can add the extension to your browser or download the BitTube browser with integrated extension at

After you open the wallets page select your publishers account from the dropdown menu "Online wallet"

Use the tabs "Send" and "Receive" to transact TUBE.


If you have not accessed your wallet for a long time or you do it for the first time you can import recent transactions to make sure your wallet is synchronised correctly. Importing transactions also could solve errors while sending funds.

Technical note: The extension wallet runs locally and only connects to our remote node for syncing. It is not an "online wallet" like an exchange wallet. You control your private keys, which you can find in the "Account Details" tab.

We do recommend to import las 7 days or last 30 days. Select the timeframe from the dropdown menu and click the import button.