How to fix desktop wallet sync issues

This article will guide you through some possible reasons why the desktop wallet does not synchronize or shows wrong balance and how to fix them.

1. Check the wallet version.

Major updates require running the latest version of the wallet. Hence there is no auto-update functionality you would need to update manually.

To see what is the current version of your desktop wallet navigate to  Settings and open the Info tab.

You can compare and download the latest version on our Github page.

2. Doing a rescan of the address transactions.

This action can fix incorrect balance and missing transaction history.

Navigate to Setting and select the Info tab. 

Changing the restore height will rebuild the wallet cache and rescan all transactions.

Select Click to change.

The default block height will be populated in the field. Accept the scan by selecting OK.

To scan the whole BitTube blockchain input block height 0 (zero).

You can see the status of the synchronization from the bottom left corner.

3. Getting Wrong deamon version.

In most cases updating to the latest version fixes the issue.

If you run a local node and update the wallet you may want to delete the current database and rebuilt it from zero.

Deleting the current blockchain database (Windows):

Step 1: Quit the wallet.

Step 2: Open Windows file explorer and type %appdata% as a path. Press Enter.

Step 3: Navigate to folder bittube and open folder Imdb. 

Step 4: Delete the database.

To delete the Local node generated by the GUI wallet delete both of the files in the Imdb folder.

Step 5: Start the wallet on Local node mode.  

Now Local node will start downloading the blockchain from the start (since 31/01/2018).

Note: Currently (April 2020) the blockchain size is 36GB.