How to convert your staking balance

We are working hard to re-enable the staking service. Following the launch of TUBE4 on July 29, 2020, all staked balances need to be manually converted to the new chain.

The steps are as follows:
  • Get the latest Staking app here GitHub/staking-gui
  • Get the legacy GUI wallet v3.1.0.1 here: GitHub/wallet-gui
  • Open, restore OR create a new legacy wallet address starting with "bx..." to send your staked coins to.
    • If you do not have a non-staking legacy wallet address, a new one can be generated using the wallet-gui above.
  • Login to the Staking app
  • Open the staking-onlinewallet.keys that was originally downloaded when you generated your staking wallet or restore a new keys file from your multisig seed.
    • The staking-onlinewallet.keys you downloaded from us is encrypted with a randomly generated password that was included with your download. It is not the same as your login password.
    • If you have neither the keys file and password or multisig seed, you can request the multisig seed needed to restore your wallet from us if you chose to back it up with us (on by default). Simply send us a message at with subject "Multisig seed request" from the same email as your AirTime login.
  • Withdraw your staked balance to your legacy wallet:
    • Select the transactions checkbox(es).
    • Important: Replace the recipient address with your legacy address starting with "bx..."
    • Click Withdraw and confirm.
  • Now follow this guide to use the legacy GUI wallet to convert to BitTubeCash 4.0.


  • In the Staking app, you MUST change the recipient address first (next to the withdraw button) with your version 3 address starting with "bx...".
  • From the GUI wallet v3.1.0.1, convert to TUBE4 by following the steps in this guide
  • While it is possible to load your staking wallet keys file in the regular gui wallet, your balance can only be withdrawn using the staking gui wallet.;
    • Please DO NOT create and use a secondary account for your staking wallet in the regular gui wallet as it is not registered with our system.

Once the staking service is online you will be able to upgrade your account level again by depositing your funds back to a (now v4) staking address.
You can find the Staking tab on the wallets page at
More info on withdrawing (downgrading) can be found here:


1. It is possible to get an error on the first attempt. If that happens go back and try again. Otherwise, please contact support.

2. Error logging in with Social account (Google, Facebook, Twitter)

We are aware of an issue when login in with a Google account. The workaround is to go through the password recovery process in the extension to create a non-google login. Mind that changing password via the extension will change the credentials on too because they share the same account.

3. Grey withdraw button

Please make sure you using the latest version of the staking gui wallet (0.9.1-v3.1.0.2), which can be downloaded here:
Next, delete the %appdata%\bittube-staking-gui folder to reset the software to a clean state. Do this even if you had the correct version above.

2020-08-31-11_23_26-Roaming.pngMake sure that your wallet is fully synced, that you have selected at least one deposit to withdraw, and that you are attempting to withdraw to a Tube3 address (starts with bx, bs, or bi). If any of these are missing, the button will remain grey.
Sometimes, there is a pending server job on your wallet. In that case please try again in 1 hour. If the problem persists, please contact us via Helpdesk or and a developer will assist you.