What is AirTime monetization?

AirTime is an ad-free monetization solution. It rewards publishers and visitors with TUBE tokens. Visitors/viewers who have the AirTime Browser Extension installed, generate AirTime for the publisher. Both parties receive AirTime rewards based on the time they spend on a web page or piece of content, such as a video. Publishers earn based on the total time that their visitors spend on their content or social account.

The AirTime revenue pool is a finite number of TUBEs, based on a percentage of the blockchain's block reward. This revenue pool is distributed daily across all users according to each person's cumulative AirTime. This means payouts in TUBEs are flexible, not fixed, in relation to AirTime.

TUBE tokens are traded on several open market exchanges, for example, Bittrex. The dollar value is based on supply and demand. The rate of inflation (supply) slowly decreases over time, while demand slowly increases from user adoption, resulting in a stabilization of price volatility.

When BitTube users visit a publisher unknown to the system, a dedicated wallet is created for the domain or social account of that publisher and rewards can be collected later. Website owners can install the AirTime module, so that all visitors (including non-BitTube guests) generate AirTime for their website.

Originally, AirTime was introduced exclusively to the bit.tube video platform. In this article, the system was explained for this particular use case and serves as a helpful reference guide. In summary, at this moment a 45% share of the TUBE block reward is reserved for AirTime payouts. As content is consumed, the distribution to publishers and viewers (visitors) is based on total watch time (=AirTime), proportional to the grand total AirTime (for creators and viewers each) per block. The system has since been updated to limit a single user's daily AirTime output. This ensures that certain participants cannot get an unfair advantage over others. By upgrading your user level through staking, you can increase your daily AirTime ceiling.

With AirTime monetization, your content isn't spoiled by ads. Visitors need not worry about missed income for publishers if they use an ad blocker. Publishers themselves can thus focus on designing the best possible user experience for their visitors without ads directing those visitors away from their content. In short, AirTime is a mutually beneficial, ad-free, win-win monetization solution.